Using SPSS, the statistical software from IBM

Downloading SPSS 25 onto your own computer

Download SPSS 25 on to your own computer in these easy steps

  1. Email library@unitec.ac.nz with your ID number and name, to receive a personal authorization code. 
  2. Download the correct version of SPSS 25 from the list below.

SPSS Statistics 25 Download files

SPSS Amos v25 Download Files

  1. Install SPSS on your computer. Use installation tips given.
  2. Authorise the product. See SPSS 25 Authorised User License Instructions (note this is for Windows - other platforms can be found here

You are ready to go!

SPSS Guide

See the SPSS Statistics Brief Guide for more information about how to use the product

For library staff

The authorization codes are stored in Customer_Services -> Customer_Software -> SPSS folder. 

Please check the request for a code is from a current Unitec student or staff member, and record the user against the code assigned to them.

Installation tips

1. To install, select the 'Setup' file and click open. If it asks for file extract, click extract, then select the 'Setup' file again.  Do not select the IBM SPSS 'Window Installer Package'. Error 1311 will appear at the end of installation process.

2. Follow the installation process and choose 'Authorized User' option (not the concurrent user license option)

3. At the end of the installation process, enter the Authorization Code which you get from the Library

Still using SPSS 24

If you installed SPSS on your computer in 2017, you are probably using SPSS 24.  Either

  • upgrade to the new version, or
  • email library@unitec.ac.nz asking specifically for SPSS 24 authorization code.

Still using SPSS 23

If you are using SPSS version 23 you will need to upgrade to the newest version.  IBM will be removing support for this version shortly and have not supplied us with any authorization codes for 2018.