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Te Puna Ako Learning Centre

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How often can I use the Learning Centre?

You can have one individual 50 minutes appointment with a lecturer per week. You can also book as a group. Group appointments are effective for discussion among peers, for example, when you first get an assignment and want to clarify the question and explore ways to approach your answer. You can also attend workshops or come to our drop-in service if you have a quick question.

Do I have to book an appointment to use the Learning Centre?

Yes, if you want to see one of our team individually or in a group. Also, if you want to attend one of our workshops you should book in advance. However, the Learning Centre has a drop-in service available and this does not require a booking.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring your Student ID card, your assignment questions and marking criteria, and any writing or calculations you’ve done. Sometimes it’s useful to bring relevant lecturer notes as well.

Can I get help with the content of my course at the Learning Centre?

Mostly no and partially yes. Te Puna Ako Learning Centre provides help with study skills and academic reading and writing. If you are having trouble with your course content you should see your course lecturer. However, our maths and statistics team can help you with the maths and statistics content of your course.

Can I book an appointment on the day my assignment is due?

We don’t recommend this. Try to plan ahead so that you can meet with a Learning Centre lecturer several days before your assignment is due. This will give you time to use the feedback to improve your assignment.

Will Te Puna Ako Learning Centre correct all of my grammar and spelling mistakes?

You can make an appointment to discuss your writing. We will help you identify areas for improvement and show you how to avoid making the same mistakes again. The aim is to develop your skills as an independent learner so you can proofread your own work more effectively.

Can Te Puna Ako Learning Centre help with referencing?

We run free workshops at the beginning of each semester on referencing. There is also information online on this site. You may also want to look at the Unitec Library’s referencing information. Alternatively, you may want to book a one-to-one or group appointment with one of our lecturers.

Can I bring my writing on my laptop or USB?

We are happy to look at student writing on our computers, although we tend to get through more of the writing when it is in printed form.

What if I haven’t finished my assignment?

You do not need to have completed an assignment in order to have a valuable conversation with a lecturer about your writing. You can come at any stage of the writing process, or if you’re finding it hard to get started.

Can students studying English use the Learning Centre?

Some students can but others cannot. Students studying English at level 4 or below can use the Language Learning Centre in the library. Students studying English at Level 5 or above are welcome to use the Learning Centre.

Can you help me to do my maths assignment problem?

We cannot work on the actual assignment problem. However, we can help by using similar or parallel problems which can be the basis of discussion between you and the tutor to clarify the underlying maths concept and the problem solving strategies being used.