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Te Puna Ako Learning Centre

What is PASS?

What is PASS?

PASS stands for Peer Assisted Study Sessions and involves senior students leading weekly study sessions for first year students.

Leaders attend training and are paid to deliver their sessions, as well as attending some of the Year 1 lectures so that they are in tune with the course delivery and visible to the students.  Programmes involved are Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Computing. 

Since 2008, PASS has helped Year 1 students to cope with tough core courses, which are usually pre-requisites for later years.  PASS also helps Year 1 students, whether mature students or school-leavers, get used to tertiary study. 

PASS leaders don’t re-teach the subject, rather they share the study strategies that have worked for them and review the input from lectures and readings by forming groups, doing activities and talking about the work. 

Comments from PASS attendees:

 “Easy to follow, learn and ask questions”

 “Supports my learning skills”

 “Reviewing the concepts that I may not have had the discipline to review myself”

Who runs PASS?

PASS is coordinated by Te Puna Ako Learning Centre, with great help from lecturers in the relevant department.  Lecturers who are interested in talking about PASS for a course in their programme are welcome to contact Margi Grey (ext 8681) or Cindy Wee (ext 8941) at Mt Albert for further info.

PASS Leaders Training

New PASS leaders training is normally held a week before the new semester begins.  Please get in touch with the PASS coordinators if you intend to train your students to be PASS leaders.


 Students at the PASS leaders' training held in February 2016