MLA Referencing

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MLA Style

The MLA referencing style is known as an "author-page" style of referencing. It was developed by the Modern Language Association of America.

In-text citations

When using another person's ideas or words in your assignment or project, you should include an in-text citation to the original work. You can quote directly or indirectly from a source. In each case, the author and the page numbers of the source must be included.


Example of a direct quote

Nicolas Lampkin states that good root storage "depends on minimising handling damage, soil and top contamination and poor tapping" (567).


Example of a summary of the original author's words
Some western art critics have found Nihonga painting to be unexciting due to the subtle use of shading and muted colour, but the style needs to be approached with a quiet, receptive attitude rather than with an expectation of arousal (Stanley-Baker 96).