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A guide to the Civil Engineering resources available through Unitec Library
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Welcome to the Unitec Library subject guide for Civil Engineering staff and students.  This guide is designed to help you find useful information in electronic or print format.  We welcome your feedback so let us know if you would like anything added to these guides.


On this guide, there are a number of generic pages providing useful information to help you use information for your study.  There are then some special pages for the various sub-disciplines or area of specializations of Civil Engineering at Unitec.


Civil Engineering

"Evaluating a Building Plan" by

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Environmental Sustainability @ Unitec

Sustainability at Unitec

Unitec has adopted 10 One Planet Living Principles as a sustainability framework focusing on teaching, research, collaboration and greening our campus. The principles embrace environment, economic and social wellbeing as together being essential to true sustainability.

Image: Bioregional

Be part of the solution: make a pledge to reduce your own carbon footprint by taking action in an area that is meaningful to you.  Share this with your friends and colleagues.  By working together we can make a difference!

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