Creative Commons (CC)

How can I use material from the Creative Commons?

If you’re thinking about reusing, remixing or adapting a Creative Commons licensed work, you need to check the original licence conditions.

These differ for each Creative Commons licence. Some licences restrict commercial reuse; others restrict remixing and tweaking; others require users to re-license their remix under the same restrictions.

(wording from Tohatoha Aotearoa Commons information below)

More information about Reuse

Keep track of what you use

A tip : keep track of the CC materials that you have found or used in the past. Page 9 of the document below includes a sample table that you could use to log the details of your CC items...

Using CC-licensed work on Moodle

Please note that if you using Moodle, you will not be able to use CC works that have "share alike" as part of the licence. This is because Moodle is available only to Unitec students and staff, so you are unable to share "under the identical terms" (ie: the item will be in closed access, not freely available to anyone).