Ebooks at Unitec Library

How to get the best use of the ebooks provided by Unitec Library.

eBooks at Unitec Library

An e-book is a book in digital format. It's a book you read on your computer.  

As well as print books, Unitec Library provides access to eBooks in a range of subject areas. 

Read a wide range of titles on your mobile device or computer.  Print or save a PDF of needed chapters. 

Explore this guide to:

  1. Learn how to find and use e-books;
  2. Access eBooks from different devices; and
  3. Troubleshoot issues you may encounter while using eBooks.

What do I need?

To download an eBook from Unitec Library you’ll need:

  1. An internet connection
  2. Your Unitec username and PIN
  3. A compatible electronic device with the right software or app

Compatible electronic devices:

  • Most smartphones, iPads, tablets, and eReaders
  • Kindles can be used for some library eBooks

Why use eBooks?

The Library has many eBooks across many subject areas. Read online or download and read offline on your own device.

The benefits of using eBooks are:

  • Use an eBook at the same time as other people - most eBooks can be loaned by more than one person
  • Search the content for key terms
  • Bookmark pages, add notes, share readings, save references and keep track of what you've read
  • Loan eBooks from where you are - no need to visit the library