Ebooks at Unitec Library

How to get the best use of the ebooks provided by Unitec Library.

How to find and view eBooks

  1. Search for your topic in LibrarySearch (catalogue)
  2. Filter your results by selecting 'Full text online' under 'Show only' (left pane), if necessary.
  3. To view an eBook, click the 'View online' tab and click the link.
  4. Enter your Unitec username and password if asked to do so.

eBook detail page

Book details

At a glance you can see:

  • If the title is currently available
  • How many copies are available at Unitec
  • The Table of Contents and book description
  • Copy and print allowances
  • How long you can download the book for
  • Complete bibliographic data, including series and edition

If you choose to work with a book, you may do the following:

  • Read online
  • Download the full book
  • Download a specific chapter
  • Save the book to your bookshelf
  • Share a link to the book
  • Cite the book

Using eBooks

New eBooks

Check out some of our latest ebooks.