Ebooks at Unitec Library

How to get the best use of the ebooks provided by Unitec Library.

EBL Download Instructions

  1. Go to the LibrarySearch
  2. Find the ebook you want to use
    Picture of an EBL book
  3. Click on the read online button
  4. Click on the download tab
  5. You should be given the option to download as an ePub or PDF version. Choose a format and click on download. The main difference between viewing eBooks in PDF and ePub formats is ePub is an HTML-based format - if the eBook has links, ePub will allow you to follow the link to the webpage and sometimes the text 'flows' better depending on your reading device; ; the PDF format does nt have adjustable size but is a handy storage format. 

       6. Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) will manage the download for you. 

It will appear in the ADE library.




Ebrary Download Video

Requirements to use ebooks on your computer/laptop

Adobe Digital Editions

1. Many ebooks use the Adobe digital rights management software (DRM) to manage their use.  You will need to go to Adobe and create an ID.

2. Download Adobe Digital Editions to your computer.

3. Find the book you want in LibrarySearch.

4. Download the book to your computer (see instructions on this page -->).

5. The books should automatically download and open in Adobe Digital Editions.

An ebook in Adobe Digital Editions Library