Ebooks at Unitec Library

How to get the best use of the ebooks provided by Unitec Library.

EBL Download Instructions

1. Go to the LibrarySearch

2. Find the ebook you want to use

3. Click on the read online button

4. Click on the download tab

5. You should be given the option to download as an ePub or PDF version. Choose a format and click on download.

6. The book will automatically open in the Bluefire app.

Ebrary Download Video


Kindle ebook readers can only access DRM protected ebooks, so you cannot download our ebooks onto your Kindle. However, you can download chapters onto it.

1. To add an ebook chapter to your Kindle, connect your Kindle.

2. Drag the downloaded chapter to your Kindle drive.

3. Safely eject your Kindle

4. The chapter should appear in your Kindle library.


1. To add ebooks to your Kobo ereader, connect your Kobo

2. Right-click on the book you wish to add to your Kobo and choose "Add to Kobo ereader"


3. Safely eject your Kobo

4. The books should appear in your Kobo library shelf.  (Note they do not show up in the Kobo desktop client on your computer, or your Kobo account online).