Electrical Engineering

Guide to Unitec Library resources in electrical engineering and electrotechnology

Welcome to the Unitec Library subject guide for Electrical Engineering staff and students.  This guide is designed to help you find useful information in electronic or print format.  We welcome your feedback so let us know if you would like anything added to these guides.


"Electric Substation" by Idaho National Laboratory

(licensed by CC BY 2.0)

NZ Standards

All information about NZ Standards can be found here:  NZ Standards

You access all the latest NZ Standards online, and you can also find a print reference collection of Standards you can refer to while you are in the Library.  

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**NEW DATABASE** IEEE/IET Xplore Digital Library!!

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Environmental sustainability at Unitec

Planet Earth

Click to go to the Environmental Sustainability subject guide, designed to support Environmental Sustainability (ES) teaching and learning. Here you can access ES related books, databases, articles & more. See also the Sustainable Technologies subject guide.

Image via the Environmental Education Media Project site.