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Te Puna Student Hub

The new Te Puna Student Hub opened in Semester 2 on the Mt Albert Campus. This guide provides practical information to keep you informed on related matters that may impact you.

Te Puna opened

Te Puna officially opened to all students, staff and the public on Monday 31st July!

The Library, Language Learning Centre, Student Experience, Student Central, Student Wellness and a number of retailers are sharing this amazing space, providing a wrap-round experience for students.

Who can use this space?
This space is open to the public.  However, only Unitec students and staff with Unitec logins will be able to use the computers, log into the wifi, book group study rooms and borrow library items. 


Services available for students in Te Puna

Level 0 (See Level 0 floorplan)

  • Health and wellbeing clinic - providing physical and mental health services

Level 1 (See Level 1 floorplan)

  • Ask Me desk for general enquiries, directions, tech help & laptop loans
  • Library services including self-service kiosks for lending library items
  • Printing / copying / scanning (also self-service on levels 2 & 3)
  • Student group study rooms
  • Food retailers, including Long Black cafe, Breaktime convenience store, Sushi and Donburi
  • Student kitchen with hot water and microwaves

Level 2 (See Level 2 floorplan)

  • Academic skills workshops (book online )
  • Assignment and referencing help
  • Career and financial advice
  • Disability advice and support (includes notetakers, reader/writer exam support and more)
  • English language assistance in relation to study
  • Learning guidance and support
  • Library self-service
  • Maths and statistics support
  • Scholarships advice
  • Student advocacy and complaints
  • Printing / copying / scanning (also self-service on levels 1 & 3)

Level 3 (See Level 3 floorplan)

  • Language Learning Centre
  • Library self-service
  • Printing / copying / scanning (also self-service on levels 2 & 3)

Virtual 3D Tour of New Hub

Click on the 'play' button in the picture below to view a virtual tour of the inside of the new Hub building.

This virtual tour was created by Unitec people - see the story herre:

Wider Campus Developments

The new student Hub is part of Unitec’s multi-million-dollar redevelopment programme to create a modern and vibrant learning environment in Auckland.

Find out more about the current Mt Albert Campus property projects here.

Unitec floorplans for Te Puna