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LibCal and bookings

This page is to help Ask Me Desk and Unitec Student Support staff with managing bookings by students
Problem Answer
I have forgotten my password to LibCal. Help! How to reset your password. (40 sec video)
I changed my Outlook password.  How do I update this in LibCal? How to update Outlook password in LibCal (45 sec video)
Why am I getting LibCal appointments when my Outlook calendar says I am busy? LibCal is not able to access your Outlook account - probably because you have changed your Outlook password.  Update your password now!  (36 sec video)
I have changed the times I am available.  How do I reflect this in LibCal? You need to let the LibCal administrator know what the changes are . See the box in the left-hand column for LibCal administrator.
I need to cancel some appointments made through LibCal.  You can cancel appointments within Libcal (41 sec video) which will automatically send the student an email, and remove the appointment from your Outlook calendar.  NOTE: This only covers appointments made through LibCal.
How do I find cancelled appointments so I can see the student ID to record in our database as a cancellation? Each cancelled appointment has a matching appointment notification email.  Take the student's name from the cancellation email, and search for this name in Outlook.  You should find the matching email, and hence the student ID.
How do I "delete" availability without blocking out my Outlook calendar? If your availability changes run over a period of time, you can ask the LibCal administrator to make the change for you.  If it is just one or two time slots, you can "delete" your availability within LibCal by clicking ont he time slot, and saying Yes the delete.
Do I need to record my own statistics? Yes, you need to continue recording appointments as you have always done.  LibCal cannot record this information.


LibCal Administrator

For help with any of these issues, please contact

LibCal administrators: Sara Wang/Taj Schaaffhausen