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LibrarySearch Help

How to save my search query

There are three options to save your current search query/result. First you must be logged in.

  1. Log into LibrarySearch (top right) - enter your Unitec email address (eg) and password.
  2. Perform your search.

Option One: Save the whole query

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of your search results and click Save query  from the left column.

  2. Fill in the pop up form to give your query a name so that you can identify it later.

  3. Access your saved queries by clicking on My Account and selecting My Searches tab. You will see a list of queries you saved previously.  You can check and update them from this location.


Option Two: Save the current result page

  1. Roll down to the bottom of your search results and click Add page to My Favourites from the left column.

  2. All items listed in this page has been added to My Favourites.

  3. Access the list of items by clicking My Favourites (top right) and selecting My Favourites tab. You will see a list of items fromthe saved page.


Option Three: Save the specific title in your search result

  1. Check the box in front of the title to save this title.

  2. Access  the saved title by clicking My Favourites, selecting My Favourites tab and Basket. You will see a list of titles you have saved reviously. You can also see details of the highlighted title at the bottom of the window.

Get library notices by email and TXT

Avoid fines and missing out on book requests by setting up your library notices correctly.