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LibrarySearch Help

The magic Actions button

Have you noticed the Actions button on the right hand corner of each tab (see picture below)? It is a magic button that has many great functions like auto citation, email and print.

See what each option can do in below table.

Option Function
Add to My Favourites This record is included in your personal list of My Favourites
Email Send this record by email
Print Print this record
Permalink Get a permanent URL for this title to include in webpages
Citation* Automatically generate APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian references for this title. See how it works here
Endnote Web Download record into an online referencing library
RefWorks Download details of this record to your personal RefWorks library
Delicious Download details of this record to your personal Delicious account
Endnote local For Unitec staff and students, with Endnote loaded onto their computers, use this button to export to your personal library. For full instructions, see Download from LibrarySearch to Endnote.


Note*: the auto citation function is not accurate. It is just a starting point that gives you some idea on how to cite the material. Please use our Referencing and Citing Guide for more professional examples.

How to share your results

There are two options to share the title you have found in LibrarySearch:

  1. Use the Email option in the Actions button and fill in your email address in the popup form. You will receive a email with details of the title.

  2. Use the Permalink option in the Actions button to get a permanent link of the title, and share this link via any platform you want.