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Open Access: Author's Toolkit

Peer review

There is a misconception that OA journals do not provide peer review or the same level of peer review as other publishers.  Open access publishing provides a level of peer-review with the same standards and procedure and even the same reviewers as conventional journals. 

Retain your rights



The process of submitting work to an open access journal is virtually the same as that of a traditional subscription journal, except that authors may be charged an up-front publishing fee.  


While open access relies on the consent of copyright holders to share their work, making material open access will not deprive copyright holders of any rights. Copyright laws still apply.  Copyright holders normally consent to the unrestricted reading, downloading, copying, sharing, storing, printing, searching, linking, and crawling of the full-text of the work.  Authors can choose to attach licenses to their work to protect themselves, that is, to block the distribution of mangled or misattributed copies or commercial re-use, for example, while retaining the uses required by legitimate scholarship.  Authors often use Creative Commons licensing when publishing in Open Access format to indicate their preferences


If authors transfer copyright to a publisher, then OA archiving requires the publisher's permission. Most publishers give blanket permission for postprint archiving and some will do so on request, and nearly all will accommodate a mandatory green OA policy from the author's funder or employer. However, authors may authorize green OA on their own without negotiating with publishers where they retain the right to authorize green OA.  This is advisable as many publishers qualify their permission and some add new restrictions over time, such as fees or embargo periods. For these reasons there is a growing trend among scholarly authors to retain the right to provide green OA and only transfer the remaining bundle of rights to publishers. This can be done through author addenda which modify the publisher's standard copyright transfer agreement.  This means that authors may publish in nearly any journal that will accept their work (OA or non-OA) and still provide OA to the peer-reviewed text through an OA repository

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