Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

The scholarship of teaching & learning

The goal of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) is to create collegial, critical, evidence-based communities of faculty and students where student learning goals and outcomes are central. In other words, through inquiry, research, reflection, assessment, dissemination, critique and construction of a living body of knowledge, understanding and wisdom about teaching and learning, SoTL can be the most effective way for the continuous, significant and enjoyable improvement of student learning in higher education today, as well as for the transformation of academic cultures into open cultures for teaching and learning.

Faculty involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning treat their classrooms and programs as a source of interesting questions about learning; find ways to explore and shed light on these questions; use this evidence in designing and refining new activities, assignments, and assessments; and share what they’ve found with colleagues who can comment, critique, and build on new insights.

Imagine a future “where the scholarship of teaching and learning is not seen as the discrete project or special initiative, but as a set of practices that are critical to achieving the institution’s core goals for student learning and success.”
From The Carnegie foundation

For an introduction, read Ako Aotearoa's "The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning  - a practical introduction and critique"

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