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Student Services Bookings

Students are able to book appointments with student study and support services through this page. Or students may contact the Ask Me desk to arrange an appointment.
Knowledge Specialist Subject area Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Adrian Jenkins Building Construction and Services --- Environmental and Animal Sciences --- Vehicle Systems and Materials Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna
Dipti Vora Community Development (Other subject areas) -- Health Care --- Social Practice Te Puna Waitākere Waitākere Waitākere Te Puna
Donna Salmon Bridging Education --- Business Practice Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna
Nora Md Amin Computer Science --- Engineering Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna *** Community Development (Sport; Education) --- Language Students --- Te Miro Postgraduate Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna Te Puna
Susan Eady Architecture --- Creative Industries Te Puna B1 B1 B1 Te Puna

NOTE: Students can also make their own bookings via the Subject Guides and Library Knowledge Specialists Contacts page.

*** Summer Hendry is on maternity leave.  For the subjects that Summer covered, please get students to contact

If students want an appointment with a Knowledge Specialist in the next 24 hours, please get them to email the Knowledge Specialist directly.

Knowledge Specialists are available to help you with finding, using or managing resources for your assignments. Please make an appointment with the knowledge specialist related to your course.